Five Popular Australian Almond Varieties

Australia is a leading producer of almonds, with the industry centred around the Riverland and Sunraysia regions. The country's climate is particularly well-suited for almond trees, resulting in a wide variety of high-quality nuts. Here are five of the most popular Australian almond varieties:

1. Nonpareil Almonds

The Nonpareil almond is arguably the most popular almond variety, not just in Australia, but around the world. It's known for its smooth skin, uniform shape, and light colour, making it a favourite among consumers. Nonpareil almonds also have a sweet, delicate flavour and a light, crunchy texture, making them ideal for a variety of dishes or for eating as a standalone snack.

2. Carmel Almonds

Carmel almonds are another widely grown variety of Australian almonds. They're known for their medium to large size and slightly harder shell compared to the Nonpareil variety. However, their unique, robust flavour makes them a favourite for almond milk and almond butter production. They also perform well when roasted. Widely used in snacks, health foods, and confectionery, Carmel trees are high-yielding and drought-tolerant. 

3. Peerless Almonds

Peerless almonds have a characteristic long, narrow kernel and a soft, easily crushed shell. They are valued for their higher oil content and more pronounced, bitter almond flavour that comes through when roasted. Peerless almonds are often used in amaretto liqueurs or almond extracts due to their strong, aromatic oils. They require a pollinator variety and certain growing conditions to produce good kernel yields. 

4. Price Almonds

Price almonds are a robust and hardy variety, known for their resilience to the elements. They have a medium to small size with a slightly wrinkled appearance. Price almonds offer a rich, hearty flavour, which makes them a great addition to baked goods or for creating flavoured almond products. Despite their somewhat unassuming appearance, they are valued for their adaptability to various climatic conditions and their ability to withstand harsh weather, making them a reliable choice for growers of Australian almonds.

5. Monterey Almonds

Monterey is another late-blooming almond variety. The almonds are large, broad, and plump with a light colour. They are known for their excellent, sweet flavour and versatile culinary uses, which include roasting, baking, and making almond butter.

Australia's diverse climate and fertile soils offer the perfect conditions for growing a wide variety of high-quality almonds. Each variety has its unique characteristics and uses, so chat with a supplier about the different types of Australian almonds today.