4 Important Records to Keep For Home Mixed Stock Feed

It is important for you to maintain meticulous records if you mix your own stock feed. This article discusses some of the vital records that you should keep. Master Formulas You should write down a detailed master formula that outlines the procedures and the ingredients that you use when you are mixing stock feed at home. This information will serve several purposes. First, someone can step in and mix the appropriate feed in case you are unable to do so on your own.

Installing a Sprinkler: 2 Things to Consider

Recent droughts which have affected Australia have reinforced the importance of water conservation. One way of conserving water is to set up a sprinkler system on your agricultural land or your garden lawn. Sprinklers allow you to water a wide area of land without using a large quantity of water. The use of a sprinkler system will also reduce the amount of labour which is involved in keeping your crops or garden hydrated and healthy.

Agriculture: Caring For the Soil On Your Farm

If you make your living growing food crops, the health of the soil you are planting and growing the crop in can make all the difference to the yield and the quality of the harvest. Food crops which are planted in well-maintained soil which is high in nutrients will typically produce larger yields and higher quality produce. The higher quality of the crop and the increased volume of end product market will help to generate higher profits for your farm.