Installing a Sprinkler: 2 Things to Consider

Recent droughts which have affected Australia have reinforced the importance of water conservation. One way of conserving water is to set up a sprinkler system on your agricultural land or your garden lawn. Sprinklers allow you to water a wide area of land without using a large quantity of water. The use of a sprinkler system will also reduce the amount of labour which is involved in keeping your crops or garden hydrated and healthy. However, you will only reap the benefits offered by the sprinklers if they are set up correctly. Below is a guide to two things you should consider when installing a set of sprinklers on your land:

The position of each sprinkler

The location of each sprinkler nozzle is the key thing you need to consider. If the sprinkler nozzles are placed in the wrong location, you may find that some parts of your crops or lawn do not receive enough water while other parts receive too much. Either of these situations will damage the health of your plants and grass. To calculate the correct position for each sprinkler, you should first establish the range of each nozzle. The range at which the sprinkler can spray water will depend upon the size of the sprinkler head and the water pressure. The sprinkler set should contain instructions which should give you an approximate range. However, it is best to set up the sprinkler on an open area of land and test how far the water travels. Once you know the radius which is covered by each sprinkler, you should ensure that each sprinkler head is placed, so their target area slightly overlaps. This will ensure that every area of your crop receives water.

The timing of the watering session

The next thing you should think about is the time at which you want the sprinkler system to operate. If your sprinklers are in operation during the heat of the afternoon, it is likely that most of the moisture will evaporate before it soaks into the soil. You should set a timer, so your sprinkler system operates early in the morning just as the sun rises and later in the day just after the sun has set. Doing so will ensure that your crops and your lawn receive all of the water they require.

If you would like to find out more about buying and setting up a sprinkler system for your crops or your lawn, you should contact an agricultural and garden equipment supplier today for more information on lawn sprinklers